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Your house does not merely consist of four walls and a roof. It is a sanctuary for your mind and body. It is a sacred place for you to relax with your loved ones. It is a worry-free zone, protecting you from the crazy, busy city life that surrounds those walls.

If and when a natural disaster threatens to damage the safety of your home, having a great insurance policy is very important. However, nearly one-third of Florida insurance policy holders who have filed claims due to weather damages are suckered into a slow payout rate, taking years for repair costs to be reviewed, partially paid out or even denied. Your home deserves better than this, and so do you.

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Don’t Let Legal Technicalities Stop You From Filing.

The terminology and writing format of insurance policies leave many policy holders in the dark, taking advantage of the fact that homeowners find their policies confusing and hard to understand. When filing your claim, if you miss even one piece of the information needed to fully process your claim, you could risk delays, only receiving a partial payout, or even a denial to your claim.

Don’t be a victim to insurance payout delay or denial. Here at Kling Law, our legal team of expert lawyers work hard to help residents of Ft. Lauderdale file your claim right the first time and avoid the headache.

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Let Our Years of Experience Work For You

We cannot always predict what damages the weather can bring to your home. Kling Law is here to help you in every step of the way to make sure you are getting the help you need. Our team specializes in the following areas:

Our team has proudly been defending homeowners for the past 9 years, working hard to get you the maximum payout.

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